We’re Now Providing Sod Installation, Irrigation, & Other Landscaping Services to Tampa and Other Areas

We’re proud to announce that we’re extending the region that we service once again! We have you, our customers, to thank for that; by your continual word-of-mouth activities, we are getting calls from farther and farther away. So, it only makes sense that we start serving a larger area.

As of today, whether you live in Tampa or Melbourne, Volusia County or Polk County, we’re here for you. We are known as one of Central Florida’s best and most favorite Orlando sod installation, irrigation, and landscape design companies.

In addition to the Orlando/Central Florida region that we currently serve, we are now serving:

Brevard County
Volusia County
Polk County
Hillsborough County
Pinellas County
Sarasota County
Volusia County
Sumter County

These counties include the following cities:

Tampa Bay
Cocoa Beach
St. Petersburg
New Smyrna
The Villages

Please let your friends in these areas know that we are now in their neck of the woods. We have secured the equipment and manpower to make sure that our customers in these new areas get the same high-quality services that you receive… and we have YOU to thank!