Orlando Sod Removal and Installation Services

If you need your home or business re-sodded let us know. We will be happy to come out to your home or business and measure out the property. Upon contracting the job we provide a full irrigation analysis to ensure proper coverage upon completion of the job. If there are broken pipes or lack of coverage we are more than happy to get you a quote together to get the irrigation up and running at the same time your new lawn is being installed.

If you plan on installing the lawn yourself and just need someone to remove your existing lawn and grade out the area, no problem. Removal and hauling prices start at just .25 per sq. ft. We can also bring in/haul away fill dirt and re-grade the property if you are having drainage problems. All sod is warrantied for a period of 30 days, when post-care instructions are followed.

We offer Floratam St. Augustine for the areas of your yard in direct sunlight. Bitter Blue St. Augustine, Seville St. Augustine and Palmetto St. Augustine are offered for the areas in your yard that are in the shade and/or direct sun. We supply Argentine Bahia for those that don’t do well at taking care of their St. Augustine, and it is also a perfect grass choice for those who don’t have irrigation. Celebration Bermuda is for those that have plenty of time on their hands to care for the grass, and can appreciate the beauty and resilience this type of grass offers. The 417 Bermuda that we offer is for those that want a durable sod that looks better than the Bahia but doesn’t require the upkeep of the Celebration. Finally, we offer Jamur/Empire Zoysia for those who want a sod that is plush and green like the St. Augustine, yet is resilient to chinch bugs and requires less water.

All of the grass we offer is in 400 sq. ft. pallets as we use sand based grass, which is less likely to be delivered with weeds than the cheaper muck based grasses some competitors use.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on sod and landscaping installations?

We offer a 30 day guarantee on all sod installations as well as a one year guarantee on all landscape installations.

How often should I water my new sod?

Typically you should water daily for the first 30 days. In the hot summer months you should water twice daily the first week, then once daily for the next three weeks. Water should be applied at a rate of 3/4″ to 1″ of water per application, or as needed. This typically amounts to 45 mins. to one hour per station on a rotor zone, and 20- 30 mins. on a spray zone. A rotor zone has the larger heads that rotate when watering, the spray heads being the smaller heads that pop-up and spray a steady amount of water to the same area for the duration of the time the zone runs. When your new sod is in the shade you should take extreme caution not to over water the sod, as you can develop root-rot. Root- rot is more damaging to new sod than a little bit of drought.

What types of sod do you offer?

We offer Floratam, Bitter Blue, Seville, and Palmetto St. Augustine grasses, Empire and Jamur Zoysia, Tifway 419 and Celebration Bermuda and Argentine Bahia.

Contact the Orlando Sod experts at Ground Source Landscaping today to get a quote on your next Central Florida Sod Installation or Removal Project. You can contact us at (407) 378-5366 or use the on-line contact form on our website.